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Mirjam Leutwiler Photography_edited.jpg

I am curious about

art, movement, the environment

Where I'm from:

Where I am currently based:


Languages I speak:

English, (Swiss-)German, French

A Bit About Me

Growing up among a family of artists in the Swiss Alps set my curiosity for life. As a kid, I was taught to treat the outdoors with respect, yet to explore my surroundings like a natural playground. My love for art, movement and nature was fostered during my childhood and is what still drives me today. Photography and - a few years later film as well - became my means to capture the inspiring and beautiful around me. Not before long, I began to long for this as a potential career. 

After first arriving in New Zealand, I instantly fell in love with the country and chose to prolong my original stay. Four years later I settled in and graduated from film school specialising in documentary directing and factual research. While working my way up the New Zealand film industry, I spent time chasing wood pigeons, bouldering and grappling with adults in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Now, back in Switzerland, I get to explore the world of documentary even further in my studies at the Lucerne School of Design, Film and Art. As a visual storyteller, I hope to create content that serves and contributes something to our cultural and natural heritage.

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